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In the News

Illinois People's Action has been featured in newspapers, on TV, radio, and on social media. This is a short list of news stories related to our work.

NPR Illinois: At State Fair, Democrats Paint GOP As Existential Threat Worthy of Keeping United Even As Rifts Divide Party

By Hannah Meisel | Aug. 18, 2021

Chicago Sun Times: Hang tough, Illinois, and cap interest rates on payday loans at 36%

By CST Editorial Board | Mar. 7, 2021

Pantagraph: Welcoming City Ordinance may be brought before Bloomington council

By Kevin Barlow | Dec. 29, 2020


WGLT: Community Organizers Combat 'Triple Threat' of COVID, Climate, and Racism

By Sarah Nardi | Dec. 8, 2020

WSILTV: Lawmakers hope to address environmental justice in clean energy proposals

By Mike Miletich | Oct. 23, 2020


People’s World: ‘To See Each Other,’ People’s Action podcast challenges rural America’s stereotypes

By Zach Carlson | Sept. 28, 2020  


WTTW: Clean Energy Advocates Hope to Capitalize on ComEd Backlash

By Amanda Vinicky | Aug. 5, 2020

Pantagraph: Coalition pushes aid for Bloomington-Normal's marginalized people amid COVID-19 crisis

By Sierra Henry | April 2, 2020

WEEK: Twin-City governments, hotels summoned to help the poor during COVID-19 crisis

By Howard Packowitz | Apr. 1, 2020


The Vidette: Illinois People's Action calls for defending the homeless, poor from COVID-19

By: Maia Huddleston | Apr. 1, 2020 


WGLT: Community Orgs Call For Decarceration, Housing During COVID-19 Crisis

By Breanna Grow | Mar. 26, 2020

Pantagraph: Bloomington mayor hears concerns about coronavirus putting poor residents at risk

By Maria Nagle | Mar. 21, 2020


WGLT: Backers of Clean Energy Bill Tout Jobs Investment

By Eric Stock & Charlie Schlenker | Mar. 9, 2020


WGLT: Forum: As Global Temps Heat Up, So Does Opportunity For Action

By Breanna Grow | Sep. 13, 2019


WGLT: IPA: State Minimum Wage Increase Benefits Outweigh Concerns

By Mary Cullen | Feb. 7, 2019


WGLT: B-N Activists Join Protest Of Migrant Separation Policy At Border

By Ryan Denham | June 17, 2018

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