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Our Work

COVID/Racial Justice/Climate

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  • Working at the intersection of the COVID-19 economic crisis, racial injustice and the environment to pass legislation at the state and federal levels that will use a green energy economy with racial equity at its core to get us out of the economic downturn caused by the COVID crisis.  

  • On the state level, IPA leaders and staff have been involved in every level to pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA), including holding listening sessions with the public to include their priorities in the bill, writing portions of the bill, negotiating the bill, and educating both the public and elected officials on the bill, and working toward its passage.

  • On the federal level, organizing to pass legislation similar to CEJA, whether that is the Green New Deal or THRIVE. Again, leaders have been involved from the earliest stages of legislation development.

Additional Climate Work

  • Fracking: We continue to keep our eye on fracking, organizing to keep gas buildout out of any state climate legislation. This builds on our past working which includes getting a fracking transparency bill through the Senate in 2018 before it was sidelined in the House, stopping Woolsey’s attempt to have the first high volume horizontal fracking well in the state, preventing fracking above the Mahomet aquifer which provides drinking water to 850,000 central Illinoisans, and spearheading a campaign that resulted in 36,000 comments to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources on a fracking regulatory bill which resulted in a 400+ day moratorium. 

  • ALEC anti-protest bill: Each year for the last several years, we have been involved in fighting ALEC-sponsored anti-protest legislation. These bills would restrict our right to engage in environmental protests.

  • Climate Crisis Mitigation: Our individual chapters are working locally to mitigate the effects of pollution and the Climate Crisis.

Immigrant Rights


  • We organized the “Keeping Families Together” coalition and campaign which won a “Welcoming City” ordinance in Normal in 2018. Over 800 folks have participated in public rallies, actions, hearings and demonstrations in this campaign. This work continues.

Predatory Lending


  • VICTORY! After more than 15 years of direct action organizing we WON interest rate caps on consumer loans in IL.  Payday and Car Title lending averaged interest rates of over 250% APR keeping low wage working families in long-term, high-cost debt.  In 2019, over 400,000 families were trapped in these predatory loans.  IPA was invited to the Governor's signing ceremony and received an honorary signing pen in recognition for our work (March 2021).

Past Campaigns & Wins

  • “Mothballed” fracking in our state for 8 years by securing 36,-000 comments to IDNR thereby creating a 400+ day moratorium during which time the bottom fell out of the market.

  • Prevented oil fracking next to our Mahomet Aquifer which provides water to 850,000 residents.  

  • With Fair Economy Illinois (FEI), passed legislation that will raise $125 million by closing corporate loopholes.

  • Secured evening bus service in Springfield, which provides public transportation to low income, seniors, individuals with disabilities and also the environmentally minded.

  • Won a Living Wage referendum in Bloomington.

  • Helped family farms and farm communities protect their livelihood from mega-farm interests.

  • Saved 500 families from foreclosure through safe, sound and affordable refinancing and spearheaded a court sponsored foreclosure mediation program. 

  • Increased community reinvestment through challenges under the CRA law.

  • Won driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants in Illinois helping create safe roads and drivers.

Current Campaigns


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